Nashville and QuiltCon

Here are some photos for. QuiltCon. Mainly, my quilt in the show. Me with my quilt. this is what it looked like with other quilts. It’s a bit different.

Rain is coming

There were some spectacular clouds today. I think it’s going to rain in the very near future. Supposed to be lots.

More weather

Here’s what it was like on December 26th at night. We went to the Como conservatory on Christmas Day. Lola took this picture of Bill and me. I think it…

Some new (old) photos

I’ve found these over the weekend. They are fun to look at. And trying to remember what and where the pictures were taken. Oh, we were so young and beautiful,…

Back to the weather

Today was an off and on rainy day. Late in the afternoon the clouds were big and white, there was blue sky and it was raining. This is what it…

One year

This candle is lit for Julius

A finished quilt

Here is Scott’s President’s Quilt. The members made the blocks, Margo put it all together and added the borders. I did the quilting. It’s one big spiral over the entire…

The weather is the topic today

We’ve had about a week of 100-112 degree temperatures. Not fun at all. The. Today we had some rain. Hurray! Next a hummingbird decided to come for lunch. Every time…

August 15th

Today would have been our 36th wedding anniversary. Am going to look through the pictures from that day. I lit a candle in remembrance.

Julius Drawings

These are Julius’ drawings.  Most were made in 1991 and were exhibited in his home town.    

Sunset, 2 ways

Here’s the second sunset.  This standard iPhone camera with hdr on.  Here is a better picture of Pocsak. 

Happy 4th of July

Is morning sun or afternoon sun better for taking pictures of my front yard?  Here are some from this morning.   The further are of the slope.  The flat area…

Work Table

Second Part

here is the second part of my worktable project.  It’s the side of the room. …

Drawers Added

This morning Julius added the drawers to my worktable.  I don’t know what/how I’m going…

Starting to move in

I’ve started to move everything into my new worktable.  The only problem is, the full…

IKEA today

We visited IKEA this morning .  Bought 3 Kallax shelf units to replace the base…

Another project

I’ve got another project to do. My sewing room is a mess. I found a…