About Me

This is from the SFVQA newsletter when I was the in-house speaker.

June 9th Program, In-House Speaker

IMG_0067.JPG (2)Lois is an avid quilt.  She made her first quilt in 1973, but it wasn’t until 1987 when she began quilting seriously.  She is mainly self-taught, through books, a few workshops and currently the internet.  Her husband says she has enough books and fabric to cause the house to tip over.

IMG_0099She likes to make quilts that are scrappy and bright.  Why use 2-3 fabrics, when more is better?  Lois also likes to do free motion quilting, especially feathers.  Large bed quilts and lap quilts are her favorite sizes, with the occasional wall hanging thrown in.

IMG_0060She retired in 2003 and superiorenjoys playing tennis and working on the computer in addition to quilting.  She lives with her husband Julius in Woodland Hills along with their cat.

Join us to see some of her favorite quilts.