Writing a post

It all started when I was doing my new work table  I cleaned out a bunch of piles that I had and found old projects that were just stopped.  In other words, UFOs , Unfinished Objects.

Square in Square Block

First I found these blocks, a square in a square type blocks.  There were 35 of them.  Looked interesting.

Flying geese

Then I found these, a flying geese variation.

Pineapple block

Next was 1 pineapple block, paper pieced with the paper still on.  I did one block and realized that I don’t like paper piecing. But I didn’t get rid of it.

 After putting everything together, I realized that I needed some additional blocks. I made these inspired by Sandy Cummings book “Think Outside the Block”.

Insert block

Here red is the checkerboard and stripes I’m using as filler

Checkerboard & stripes

This is the spacer blocks that I will use to compensate for the checkerboard and stripe insets/sashing .  They are not the same between each block and the extra space has to be accounted for.


Wait to see what happens when everything gets put together!  It will be interesting. I’m also trying to figure out a name. My first thought was “Pineapple Darts”.  Can’t say why that appeals to me, but it does.